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About the Artist

Isabel Pinheiro started this activity in 2006, having done several painting works specifically for private decorations as well as performing various activities always linked to art, painting, decoration and design..

The taste for aesthetics and beautiful objects plus a natural way for the manual arts, led Isabel Pinheiro to dedicate themselves to the creation of decorative pieces.

His work focuses on the elaboration of paintings where he applies Mixing Techniques and diverse materials, ranging from acrylic paints, oils, silks and tulle applications, transparencies, to collages with diverse products such as stones, fabrics, different textures, sands, crystals, etc.

Isabel Pinheiro says, it is not necessarily obligatory to follow an agreed artistic line with this or that designation to create. To create a beautiful, elegant work with good taste, it is enough, quite simply and simply, to let the imagination and inspiration flow that the work is born naturally giving rise to a harmonious set of colors and materials. That is why you can not designate your style as Cubist, Fauvism, Impressionism or any other artistic current. It is, yes, and only: imagination passed into practice.

These are the reasons that allow Isabel Pinheiro to create custom-made pieces that will fit harmoniously in the rooms they are created for, whether the living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room in your home, in the office of your company or in the whole of the office.

"Imagination is the limit, so there is no limit to creation."

Isabel Pinheiro


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